Healthcare Needs & Family Planning Services


NEW Health offers a special program called “I Decide.” This program supports our patients sexual and reproductive health care needs.
We call it the “I Decide” program because YOU decide your reproductive healthcare needs.

With the support of state funds, these services are offered at a low or no cost to you and are completely confidential.


I Decide

What's best for ME

I Decide

The right time for ME to become a parent.

I Decide

What birth control method is right for ME.

I Decide

The right way for ME to prevent or treat an STD/STI.


This program provides

Completely Confidential

access for ALL at little or no cost.


Family Planning

  • Birth Control Pills
  • Depo Provera Injections
  • Birth Control Skin Patches
  • NUVA Ring
  • Condoms
  • IUD or Implant Services
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Plan B

Additional Services

  • Exams for Women & Men
  • PAP Tests
  • Referrals for Additional Services

Sexually Transmitted Infection or Disease (STI/STD)

  • STI/STD Education, Testing, and Treatment Available

Birth control is covered by most insurance plans at little or no cost.

NEW Health offers a sliding discount program for those who qualify.

Services provided regardless of the ability to pay.