At NEW Health, Quality Care is among our core values. Our Quality Improvement Plan reflects a commitment to patient care excellence and to our mission. This plan is designed to ensure that patients receive quality care in accordance with current standards and guidelines through continuous monitoring, evaluation, process improvement, and documentation of patient care activities.

NEW Health utilizes various methods and resources to support our quality improvement and assurance processes which include but are not limited to; patient satisfaction and experience surveys, incident and patient grievance reporting and analysis, and state and national quality measure performance benchmarking. We also have a dedicated Population Health team that directly support access and utilization of preventative care and chronic condition management services for our patients.

Our medical clinics have achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition through the National Committee for Quality Assurance. We invite you to visit our Patient-Centered Medical Home page to learn more about this model of care delivery.

Please visit our Patient Voice page if you would like to share your experience regarding any of our services or locations.

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Patient Satisfaction Results, Second Quarter 2021
Recognized NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home
HRSA 2020 Awardee