NEW Health is committed to providing quality patient care. Your feedback is vital to achieving this aim. There are a few ways you may provide feedback on your experience at our clinics listed below.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

As a patient of NEW Health, you may receive a phone call from The Crossroads Group, Inc. or text/email from MedStatix, requesting that you complete a short, HIPAA compliant, confidential survey regarding a recent visit. We appreciate participation in these surveys, as your experience is highly valued! By sharing your feedback, you contribute to potential improvements to our services and ultimately better health for our community.

Patient Voice Feedback Form

Would you like to tell us about your experience with NEW Health?

Were you impacted positively by having rural healthcare available to you at a NEW Health location?

Use the Patient Voice Feedback Form to submit a compliment about our staff and/or services or bring forward an area of improvement. NEW Health handles all patient/caregiver complaints and grievances in a consistent and timely manner.

Patient feedback may also be submitted via email or by phone to our administrative office using one of the options below:
Phone: (509) 935-7547

Please include the following in your communication:
• Your name and preferred contact information
• A brief description of the issue or feedback
• Clinic location
• Date of event

NEW Health has an established procedure for investigating patient feedback and for any needed process improvement due to the feedback.

Your Voice Matters!

Please do not enter Protected Health Information (PHI) into the Patient Voice form

Patient Voice Form

NEW Health Monthly

December is oral care month. This December, NEW Health is specifically focusing on Child Dental Care! Cavities are the most common chronic disease in children in the U.S. Cavities can cause pain and infections that can lead to problems with eating, speaking, playing, and learning. Children who have poor oral health often miss more school…