September 13, 2022

Scam Calls

It has recently come to our attention that scammers have been making calls impersonating NEW Health employees. We are actively investigating the issue.

What We Know:

The scammers are using a caller ID that says “NEW Health” and are sometimes mimicking legitimate NEW Health phone numbers.

They will ask to speak to the patient, ask how you are doing, and inform you that your Primary Care Physician has directed them to call you.

They will try to sell you products like back braces and other medical supplies.

Spotting a Scammer:

Real NEW Health employees will provide their name when calling you.

Be wary of any “NEW Health” calls you were not expecting or seem out of the blue.  It is unlikely NEW Health would be contacting you except for:

  • Scheduling and appointment reminders
  • Follow-up about your care such as discussing test results
  • Outreach from our Patient Services Department

If you are unsure if the caller is a real NEW Health employee, do not provide any information. Our staff are aware of the situation and will not be offended – we would rather you err on the side of caution!

You can call NEW Health directly at 509-935-6004 to verify whether a call legitimately came from NEW Health.

NEW Health will NEVER try to sell you products or medical supplies.

Moving Forward:

Providing exceptional care to our patients and the communities we serve is our priority. We are committed to resolving this issue swiftly and will continue to provide updates. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact our Patient Services Department at 509-935-6004 with any questions, concerns, or to report that you received a scam call.

Kind Regards,

NEW Health

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