June 26, 2024

Many people have expressed challenges navigating the healthcare system. Finding the right resources, understanding insurance options, and securing appointments can be overwhelming. Today, we are excited to introduce a valuable resource: Link to Care WA.

What is Link to Care WA and what can they do for you?

Link to Care WA is designed to connect Washington residents with real people to help them learn how technology can support their health. It provides a user-friendly platform to:

  • Help you feel confident using online resources to stay healthy
  • Set you up to visit your doctor by video call
  • Connect you to discounted internet services
  • Provide a low-cost phone, and walk you through how to use it

Bridge the digital gap and unlock a world of possibilities! Whether you need a free smartphone or want to learn how to video chat with your doctor, their Digital Help Resources have you covered.

Getting Started with Link to Care WA

Visit the Link to Care WA website at The website is easy to navigate and offers resources in multiple languages. You can also call 866-757-1832 to get one-on-one coaching available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Link to Care WA is a valuable tool for anyone seeking healthcare services in Washington.  NEW Health encourages you to explore the website and take advantage of the resources it offers.

If you have any questions about Link to Care WA or have difficulty navigating the website, feel free to reach out to our NEW Health Patient Navigators at:

509-935-6004, option #5
800-829-6583, option #5

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