November 3, 2022

NEW Health is proud to have in-house pharmacies that participate in the federal 340B program. Community health centers, like NEW Health, serve our nation’s most vulnerable patients including those individuals lacking health insurance and experiencing financial barriers, homelessness, cultural barriers, and a host of other challenges.  The 340B program enables health centers to provide patients with the most effective medication at affordable prices, ensuring patients do not go without access to necessary prescriptions. 340B savings are reinvested to increase access to affordable, comprehensive care for all patients.

Recently, a NEW Health patient suffered a life event that changed their financial wellbeing. During this time the patient had a health emergency and was prescribed a medication that had a $1,200 copay.  This amount was well above what the patient could afford. In tears, she expressed to her NEW Health provider her inability to afford the medication. The provider was able to work with NEW Health pharmacy staff to qualify the patient for a significant discount on the medication.  When the patient was notified, she was at a loss for words and thankful for everything the NEW Health team was able to do for her.

This is one of many stories NEW Health hears on a routine basis. NEW Health is thankful for the 340B program which enables us to help patients in need.

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