COVID Testing Overview

NEW Health is providing access to COVID testing, however increased demand for testing has made it necessary to offer testing to individuals with symptoms or exposure.

As testing volumes increase, you may need to wait depending on the day and location. We use medically appropriate testing criteria guidelines from the CDC and the Washington State Department of Health. Tests sent to our local Laboratory take approximately 1-3 days to receive results. Rapid COVID testing is reserved for high needs patients as determined through provider evaluation. Please call to schedule a testing appointment at our NEW Health locations listed below.

General COVID Testing Criteria

  • COVID laboratory testing takes approximately 1-3 days and is used for patients with the following criteria:
  • People with COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, body aches, new loss of smell or taste, headache, fatigue.
  • No COVID symptoms but qualifies for testing due to exposure or is a nursing home employee.
  • Those exposed, but without symptoms may be tested 5-7 days after exposure, but not earlier. It is important to quarantine for 14 days after exposure regardless of the test result, as COVID may take up to 14 days from exposure to cause infection and/or symptoms.

Rapid COVID Testing Criteria

Rapid tests are reserved for high-need patients, as deemed appropriate by a provider. People who think they need a rapid test must schedule an appointment with a NEW Health provider. During the appointment, the provider will order the test that is most medically appropriate for the patient.

We offer COVID testing at the following locations:

Chewelah Medical

518 E. Clay Avenue | P.O. Box 198
Chewelah,WA 99109

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

Colville Medical

358 N. Main St.
Colville,WA 99114

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

Lake Spokane Medical

5952 Blackstone Way
Nine Mile Falls,WA 99026

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

Loon Lake Medical

3994 Colville Rd. | P.O. Box 303
Loon Lake,WA 99148

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

Selkirk Medical

208 Cedar Creek Terrace | P.O. Box 197
Ione,WA 99139

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

Springdale Medical

114 S. Main Street | P.O. Box 126
Springdale,WA 99173

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004

TEMPORARILY CLOSED – Northport Medical

411 Summit Avenue| P.O. Box 178
Northport,WA 99157

Details | View on map | (509) 935-6004