Addy Rescue Mission 509-935-6633 1390 Main Street, Addy WA
Chewelah Food Bank 509-935-6204

302 West Main Street, Chewelah WA

Colville Volunteer Food and Resource Center 509-684-2971

210 S. Wynne Street, Colville WA

Cusick Food Bank 509-447-4069

401 Riverside Dr, Cusick WA

Ford Food Pantry 509-258-4680

5227 Main Street, Ford WA

Hunters Food Bank 509-722-3332

5061 Lemon Avenue, Hunters WA

Ione Food Bank 509-442-3223

302 8th Street, Ione WA

Kettle Falls Food Bank 509-738-2326

472 Meyers Street, Kettle Falls WA

Kettle Falls Free Clothing Room 509-690-1526

Across from the Food Bank, in blue building

Kettle River Linc 509-684-7944

76 Cemetary Dr, Orient WA

Loon Lake Food Pantry 509-233-8450

3945 Fir Street, Loon Lake WA

Mission Outreach 509-536-1084

1906 E. Mission Avenue, Spokane WA

Newport Food Bank 509-447-1168

310 1/2 W Pine St, Newport WA

Northport Food Pantry 509-732-6183

111 Center Avenue, Northport WA

Rural Resources – help with food/housing/cash 509-684-3932

956 S. Main Street #A, Colville WA

Salvation Army 509-325-6821

204 E. Indiana Avenue, Spokane WA

Sharing House (Assembly of God Church) 509-684-4721

516 E. Glen Avenue, Colville WA

Spokane Tribe Food Bank 509-258-7145

6208 Ford Wellpinit Road, Wellpinit WA

Springdale Food Pantry and Community Center 509-258-9000

4087 Hesseltine Road, Springdale WA

Tum Tum Food Pantry 509-276-5472

6424 Hwy 291, Tum Tum WA

Valley Food Pantry 509-937-2261

3091 Waitts Lake Road, Valley WA

Vineyard Christian Fellowship 509-685-9272

184 De Gried Road, Colville WA

WIC Program 360-236-4300

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