May 6, 2019


NEW Health Expanding Dental Access in Colville

Colville residents will soon have increased access to dental services thanks to the upcoming expansion of NEW Health Colville Dental. NEW Health’s Colville dental expansion is made possible with an appropriation from the Washington State capital budget. This expansion project builds on the already comprehensive services of the NEW Health Colville Clinic, including medical and pharmacy; and expands dental to add more operatories.

“We are excited to be expanding in Colville,” states Desiree Sweeney, NEW Health Chief Executive Officer, “we have already outgrown our dental location and expanding services ensures that more community members have access to high quality dental care.” NEW Health Colville has also recently purchased lots at its current location to expand parking, and it is pursuing locations for this expansion project. NEW Health appreciates the continued support of Senator Short, Legislator Maycumber and Legislator Kretz in dental access for District 7.

NEW Health Monthly

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