Chewelah Pharmacy Chewelah Independent photo 2019

December 24, 2019

Photo and article courtesy of Brandon Hansen with The Chewelah Independent.

In rural Stevens County, access to healthcare can be difficult. NEW Health, which has been in the area since 1978, has been very aware of this issue and has constantly been trying to improve patients’ access to healthcare. With 180 staff members, the company has worked to see how they can provide the most comprehensive care, which can be difficult in the large geographical area of NE Washington. Still, the company has seen a 27 percent growth in total patient numbers since 2008 and is continuing to look at how they provide healthcare. One of their most recent moves is to start offering in-house pharmacies. While the model of health clinic pharmacies isn’t new, and many people still use the model of getting a prescription and then taking it to your favorite outside pharmacy, NEW Health feels that this will give more layers of care and greater integration between the healthcare provider, pharmacist and the patient.

Virtual Visits and Winter Weather

With the winter weather fast approaching, it can often be difficult to make your scheduled appointments. The harsh weather and road conditions can turn your day upside down. Don’t fret, NEW Health offers virtual visits! Receive the same quality care you have come to rely on without the drive to the clinic! All you need…