January 19, 2021


Gov. Jay Inslee today announced an updated statewide vaccine distribution and administration plan to increase the number of Washingtonians vaccinated and establish infrastructure capable of mass vaccinations in the coming months. With the expanded vaccine distribution system, the state set a goal of vaccinating 45,000 Washingtonians per day.

Included in the plan is the Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center, a new statewide public-private partnership to boost vaccine distribution efforts. The collaboration includes Washington corporations, labor unions, health care groups and government entities.

To meet the state’s vaccination goals and ensure Washingtonians’ access, the governor announced several changes to both distribution phases and state infrastructure. The changes include:

1) Update to vaccine distribution phases

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Effective immediately, the first tier of Phase 1b for vaccine distribution is changing to include those who are 65 and older.

The change aligns with new federal guidance from the CDC and makes the vaccine more accessible to more people in high-risk categories. Additionally, the state will allow providers flexibility for Phase 1B tier 2 through tier 4 eligible individuals to allow for easier administration of the vaccine in congregate settings and workplaces to help increase the throughput. Once we have administered first doses to at least 50% of the individuals in Phase 1B tier 1, we will move to Phase 1B tier 2.

2) Reporting requirements

Also effective immediately is a new requirement for providers administering vaccines, mandating that 95% of vaccine allocations be administered within a week of receipt, and every does acquired prior to this week must be administered by Jan. 24.

Providers must submit vaccine data to the state within 24 hours of administration and starting tomorrow, daily information on dosages (i.e. quantity on hand, number administered) must be submitted to the Department of Health.

3) Infrastructure for increased vaccinations

To assist in the administration of vaccine doses currently on hand, DOH will coordinate volunteer vaccinators to support vaccine administration in Spokane, Kennewick and Bellevue. DOH will also connect with all vaccine administrators across the state to assess where additional assistance is needed to meet the new requirements.

The state will also be establishing multiple high-vaccination sites to prepare for future vaccine allocations. Some of the sites will build upon existing infrastructure. DOH will coordinate with local health officials and the National Guard to set up the sites.

Four sites will be set up to begin vaccine administration starting next week: Spokane Arena in Spokane, the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick; Town Toyota Center in Wenatchee; and the Clark County Fairgrounds in Ridgefield.

Rogelio Riojas, president and CEO of SeaMar Community Health Centers said that this infrastructural growth is necessary to protect all Washingtonians.

To see the full announcement click here

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